Get Christmas Crazy For Only A $1 At The Tree!


Online Black Friday Specials Coming Soon 11/21-11/26



Every Sunday after church, I stop by my local Dollar Tree store to see what seasonal decor, gifts, and food items they have, and since everything is only a $1, I can get Christmas crazy!

Seriously, for that kind of price, you can create some some super Christmas gifts, holiday decor masterpieces, and craft projects for the kiddos to do at a fraction of the price.


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I realize that some of you might not have a Dollar Tree store near you, but that’s ok, because you can go online and still take advantage of their awesome savings, and please check out their


Tips and Ideas page on their Blog!



It has some really cute Christmas care packages that you can make, and gift ideas for under $20, $15, $10, and $5, which is perfect for co-workers.


Online Black Friday Specials Coming Soon 11/21-11/26



I love this Fish Bowl Snowman from Smart School House!






Sign up for their Value Seekers Club, and get exclusive perks for being a loyal customer!



Also, check out their video page, where you can see how other crafty, thrifty, diy-ers use their Dollar Tree items!     



Here’s to a beautiful, memorable, but budget friendly holiday season!  Please stop back by and share your wonderful creations with your Dollar Tree finds.  



Christmas at the Tree is your one-stop shop for décor, holiday inspiration, gift ideas, recipes, and more!

Online Black Friday Specials Coming Soon 11/21-11/26

Free Woodworking Classes

My hubby has decided that he is going to finally start learning how to use his wood router and design some custom pieces for our home.  (Hopefully, an entertainment center)  🙂  When he mentioned this to me,  I thought about the online woodworking classes that are available at and I told him to check out a FREE class called, “Flawless Finishing” to see if this would be a type of learning environment that makes sense for him.  I think he will enjoy that he can watch these classes anytime he wants on  his phone or tabular device.   Which is perfect for anyone who is always on the go!  Below, is a class description and if you decide to give Craftsy a try, you must check out all the other FREE classes that are available while your there.  Now, I want my hubby to get cracking because I really do want a new entertainment center…..LOL




Flawless Finishing



Class Description

Never fear finishing again! Learn accessible techniques and troubleshooting tips from furniture maker and instructor Robert Spiece in this free mini-class. Find out how to pick the right finish based on the wood grain and desired outcome for your piece. Then, experiment with a variety of finishes to make the grain pop as you master wipe-on, brush-on and rottenstone hand-rub techniques. Robert will demonstrate how to prepare your wood for a smooth finish and share application methods for flawless results. You’ll even learn how to easily and efficiently work with curved and offset pieces. Plus, get important safety tips to protect you and your shop!

I know a ton of people who are wanting to save some money by learning how to update or create their own cabinetry masterpieces.  Here’s a mini-class to get you started.


Sawing Success

What good does it do to buy all of that those tools and not have a clue as to how to use them, and…..honestly I would rather learn from someone else than my hubby at times.  LOL  


Just so ya know….that I am proud to be an affiliate with the Craftsy community, and the links above are my affiliate links.  This means that I may get a small commission at no cost to you of course, and I really appreciate your continued support.  As always….I encourage everyone to learn how to do something new and enjoy those savings.  Enjoy.  🙂




Super Ways To Save On Costumes

How many of you have bins in the attic or basement full of past years Halloween costumes that you know will never be worn again?  I know how expensive these costumes probably were, and as hard as it may be, it’s time to sell them at your next garage sale, (September or early October is the perfect time), list them on Craigslist, or on your local Facebook yard sale group.  It amazes me how fast things get sold on my local FB yard sale group, so whether you’re a seller or buyer it’s a great place to save and buy.  Now, on to the costume saving tips for this upcoming Halloween season or any time of the year!


Rent A Costume



Female Stormtrooper Costume



Since I am a huge fan of the Star Wars movies, here is an example of a Ladies Stormstrooper Costume that you can actually rent for around $33 on   What I love about renting a costume is that you get to wear something that probably no one else will, and you get to send it back!  This is a great alternative for anyone hosting or going to a Halloween party this year.  



Buy A Pre-Owned Costume



Adult Authentic Jedi Robe

You can also buy pre-owned costumes, such as this Adult Jedi Robe for around $60, which is a super way to save if you love to go to themed parties.  This is a perfect option for all of you Star Wars fanatics out there who plan on attending as many premiere parties for the upcoming new Star Wars movie premiering this December.   May the force be with you!  🙂


Costumes for Star Wars are already going very quickly, so make sure to try these different online costume stores below!  



Shop Now



Make Your Own Costume



I know that you already know, that you can save money by making your own costume, but I thought that I would share some of my favorite, creative, DIY costume & make-up ideas that I have found by heading to one of my favorite Pinterest boards below:   

Follow SuperGirlSavings’s board Halloween Fun on Pinterest.


These are just a few ways that you can save on the upcoming Halloween season and beyond, but I also suggest that you check out Amazon’s Halloween Shop for costume savings, accessories, and Halloween fashions!  Also, I would check in their Warehouse Deals, and see what pre-owned or open boxed items are on sale,  you just never know what spooky treasure you may find.  

Halloween Costumes

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