iBlog Magazine Is Now Live!

It’s official,  iBlog Magazine for professional women bloggers is now live!   Let me re-phrase that a little and say it’s the ONLY social media magazine for professional lady bloggers!  Listen, I could go on & on about how long it took me to learn about social media, building a website, or even writing my first post, but I’ll spare you the agonizing details.  🙂  So, when I heard about iBlog magazine, I couldn’t wait to continue to learn from top professional female bloggers on the following topics:






Here are just a few of the articles & videos that are available online:  

How Daily Writing Can Benefit Your Business

How to Set Your Blogging Goals for the New Year

Tips for Streamlining Your Schedule

AND, coming next year the ONLY print blogger magazine for professional women bloggers that you can actually hold in your hands!  Love that!

I signed up for my iBlog membership a few months ago, and took advantage of the pre-launch pricing, but today iBlog is has a Cyber Monday deal that’s worth $12 off a subscription.  Cha-Ching!  


Seriously, if you are looking to become a blogger, or want to grow your current blog, you must at least sign up for a free account and spend some time seeing what iBLog is all about.   Trust me, you could literally spend months looking for all the blogging advice that is available in one place at iBlog.   

So, if your ready to get serious about blogging then click on the link above and take advantage of this awesome place to learn all about blogging.