My Scary Halloween Costumes Through The Years



Have you ever taken a stroll down memory lane and looked at your past Halloween costumes?  Well, I thought that I would take the scary plunge and share some of my crazy, frightful, and goofy moments in time below.

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My Babe and Me in 1993!




My hubby and I spent our first Halloween party together in 1993, and we decided to dress up as each other.  I did my best to transform him into a beautiful lady with make-up, long, painted, finger nails, and panty hose.  All I remember is how silly we looked, and we both laughed our butts off whenever he had to go to the bathroom.


Pink And Me in 2009



This one just cracks me up, because I can clearly remember those fake eye lashes making me want to scratch my eyes out from itching so much!  But, oh how I loved my long, hot pink hair, and bling!  Also, the glittery sweater and skirt was an outfit that I saved from my grandmother.  Heck, my “Grams” didn’t realize what a diva she really was.


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Pirate Mates in 2012  



I’m truly blessed to have a soul mate, that’s just as silly as I am, and willing to put himself out there for the whole world to see.  I really enjoyed putting the pirate inspired make-up on the two of us spooky pirates, and I thought we looked like brothers.

Batty Me in 2013



I chose to go a little Bat-Glam with this cute black, bat, choker and the brightest Halloween orange top I could find.  I work in a medical office during the day, and this paired really well with my black scrub pants.  🙂


Geek Girl Daughter in 2011





And finally, I had to share my daughter’s Geek Girl costume from 2011.  Every time I see this, it makes me chuckle, because she really played her part well.  Except, the finger up her nose is kind of gross.

I hope you liked some of my Halloween pictures through the years, and I only wish that I would have had more from my childhood.  It’s really kind of cool that we can take a picture, and share it instantly with our family and friends.

In fact, all the pictures above were ones that had been posted by me or others on Facebook and Instagram.  I then noticed that I’ve been on FB since 2008, and I can literally see a slide show of my family & friends grow up through the years.  It really is kind of special, and I hope that you all of a safe and spooktacular Halloween week and night.

Please share your Halloween costumes of the past with me, by commenting below or add a link, so I can see what crafty creations you all of come up with over the years.



How My Blogging Life Has Changed Now That I Turned 50

It’s true, as I sit here writing this post, I’ve realized that my blogging life has changed since I’ve turned 50.  What I mean is, that the products and services that I have currently been looking at are geared towards. dare I say, an older crowd, because this lady isn’t a spring chicken anymore.  LOL  Now, that doesn’t mean that I’m hot a hip chick, but I definitely have some different obstacles and passions than I did when I was younger, and I am embracing this new me, and I thought that I would share what’s going on below: 

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For instance, I’m not a young mom anymore, my kids are in their early 20’s and out the door, and my hubby and I are feeling a little more freedom.  In fact, we are going on our first Carnival cruise, and celebrating our 25th anniversary.  I can’t wait to share our experience with everyone, and of course the different ways that I’ve already saved….like booking my trip through Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

I’ve booked our cruise, hotels, and car through EBATES, and the best part is, that I will get some cash back just in time for the holiday season.




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Whew this has been a tough one for me.  I’ve had three surgeries over the past year and half, and finding ways to keep going and feeling good has been a high priority.  My hubby and I like to share our body aches and pains each morning, but it’s important to stay positive and take advantage of items that are helpful.  Here’s my SuperGirlSavings page, where you can see some of the products that I have bought on Amazon through the years. Lordy, this list just keeps on growing.  🙂   


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Also, you can build a team of friends and family, and the more you all use it, the more money everyone makes.  Cha-ching!

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So, this is just a tidbit of how my blogging life has changed, and since I’m still a kid at heart, I will always try to stay a hip chick, and share trendy ways to save.  Thank you so much for stopping by, and as always I appreciate each and every one of you.  So, here’s to the future, and making my fifties as fabulous as possible.    


How To Enjoy Gardening When You Can’t Grow Your Own


It happens to the best of us green thumbs, a period of physical limitations, in which you can’t make your garden grow.  So, instead of getting sad or mad, here are some ways to enjoy the spring, summer, and fall gardening season, even if you can’t do it on your own.

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Friends & Family

For goodness sakes, take advantage of all the gardening goodies that your friends and family offer you.  In today’s time, there are 100’s of recipes you can find to can, grill, or bake that overload of gardening goodies!  LOL

Canning is a great way to not only save, but healthy.  There’s nothing like a can of canned green beans, especially when you put them in your Thanksgiving green bean casserole.  Gobble!  Gobble!

If you’re wanting to see what canning essentials you need to get started, check out my link here :


Canning Creations


And don’t forget to buy veggies and fruit when their in season.  Strawberries, blueberries, and peaches all go on sale right after each other.  Buy in bulk, and can those babies.  I personally love getting a gift of canned goods, and their perfect as gifts for the holidays.

Think Autumn jellies, Christmas jams, and Thanksgiving veggies such as corn, sweet potatoes, and green beans are just a few ideas that come to mind.

Local Market Square

Almost every city or town has a market square of local farmers, big and small.  If you’re wanting to find one near you, here’s a free Local Food Directory of Farmers Markets 

I love this search directory, because it gives you a link to websites, payment acceptance, and products available.  And, if you want to learn all there is to know about how to cook, clean, and use the growers harvested goods, they are more than happy to share their wealth of information.

Facebook, Craigslist, and Online Newspapers

One of the best ways to get super deals on fruits, vegetables, honey, or herbs is through social media.  I have a friend who is a bee keeper, and when his honey is ready to sell he posts it on his Facebook page, and you better be ready to buy, because it usually sells out by the end of the day.

Also, I don’t think twice about asking people if they got anything to sell, such as tomatoes, corn, or green beans.  Word of mouth is the best way to go, and many times people don’t want their veggies to go to waste, and they practically give it to you.

I’ve seen larger growers post veggies by the bushel or pound if you’re wanting to can or freeze for the upcoming year.  I would also join some local gardening groups, and you can check daily whats on sale.

Grocery Stores    

Finally, I check every week, whose putting their fruit and veggies on sale from Kroger to Aldi, and whatever discount I can get I buy in bulk.  I have found some great deals on strawberries, peaches, cherries, and blueberries this way, and trust me when their in season, they want them to move.

Also, many times grocery stores have a clearance section, and it’s worth taking a look at.  They might have onions, green peppers, apples, or tomatoes, that are ripe and need to go, which equals a deep discount for mwah!


See, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a garden, even if you can’t grow one yourself.   As always, I’ve enjoyed sharing some of these tips with all of you, and I appreciate your stopping by, and if you have any other ways that you like to garden when you can’t please let me know in the comments below.