Why I Love Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

Call me crazy, but I love ugly Christmas sweaters!  Not only are they festive, but they remind me of all the crazy, colored, outfits that my late grandmother would wear around the holidays.  For instance, her plaid, red & green, polyester pant suit set was her pride & joy go to outfit for Christmas Eve!   I suppose when I was really young, I didn’t think anything about it, but as I became older I realized what a, “WOW GRAMS” outfit it really was.  🙂  So, when I see ugly Christmas sweaters I can’t help but think of all the wonderful times I had with my grandparents growing up, and really that’s what Christmas is all about, being with your family & friends and making memories that will last a lifetime.  Now comes the fun part, I thought that I would share some of my favorite Ugly Christmas Sweater picks, and hopefully they will give you a laugh, help you remember past Christmases, or maybe you just might want to keep the tradition going by getting one for yourself.  (That’s if your brave)  LOL


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Crackling Fireplace Knit Ugly Christmas Sweater

This lighted up crackling fire place Ugly Christmas Sweater is so cool!  You basically download the FREE app, slide your ipad in the see through fireplace, and it comes alive!  How fun is that?  It’s available at Amazon between $55 & $65 depending on the various sizes.     


Men’s 8 Bit Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater

Alex Stevens Men s 8 Bit Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ho! Ho! Ho!  This sweater totally reminds me of my grandmother’s plaid Christmas outfit.  It’s so ugly its beautiful.  Amazon.com

Women’s Ugly Cat Sweater with Bells

Cat Sweater with Bells

Well, I suppose if you’re a cat lover this Ugly Kitty Christmas sweater makes total sense.  I love this cat’s grumpy face and the bells look like hair balls to me.  LOL  





(Bucktooth Rudolph Sweater Dress

Reindeer Christmas Tunic Sweater Dress


This Reindeer is ugly but cute with his pom poms.  I love the length, and you could really glam it up by wearing these sparkle leggings that come in regular and plus sizes.  (Amazon.com)


Women’s Ugly Christmas Leggings


Maybe you would rather go with some Ugly Christmas leggings?  These come in a variety of sizes and styles, and if you really want to get noticed at your next party, pair it with the shirt below.  LOL  Amazon $5

Faux Real Men’s Ugly Cardigan with Tie

Faux Real Mens Ugly Cardigan with Tie

Finally, here are two ugly, long-sleeved t-shirts for both ladies & men who don’t like to wear sweaters!  Both of them are available at Amazon.com.

Photo Realistic Ladies Ugly Christmas Sweater T-Shirt

Womens PhotoRealistic Ugly Christmas Vest

I hope that you have had some fun looking at my fun, festive, Ugly Sweater picks, and just so ya know that some of the links above are my referral links.  This means that if you decide to have some holiday fun this year and buy one I may get a small commission fee.  Thank you so much for your continued support.    

Get Christmas Crazy For Only A $1 At The Tree!


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Every Sunday after church, I stop by my local Dollar Tree store to see what seasonal decor, gifts, and food items they have, and since everything is only a $1, I can get Christmas crazy!

Seriously, for that kind of price, you can create some some super Christmas gifts, holiday decor masterpieces, and craft projects for the kiddos to do at a fraction of the price.


**Just so ya know!  This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.**


I realize that some of you might not have a Dollar Tree store near you, but that’s ok, because you can go online and still take advantage of their awesome savings, and please check out their


Tips and Ideas page on their Blog!



It has some really cute Christmas care packages that you can make, and gift ideas for under $20, $15, $10, and $5, which is perfect for co-workers.


Online Black Friday Specials Coming Soon 11/21-11/26



I love this Fish Bowl Snowman from Smart School House!






Sign up for their Value Seekers Club, and get exclusive perks for being a loyal customer!



Also, check out their video page, where you can see how other crafty, thrifty, diy-ers use their Dollar Tree items!     



Here’s to a beautiful, memorable, but budget friendly holiday season!  Please stop back by and share your wonderful creations with your Dollar Tree finds.  



Christmas at the Tree is your one-stop shop for décor, holiday inspiration, gift ideas, recipes, and more!

Online Black Friday Specials Coming Soon 11/21-11/26

Super Gifts For Wine Lovers

I guess I’m kind of lucky, because in my family we have several wine lovers, and it’s actually kind of fun to find gifts for them.  All I have to do is give them a bottle of wine and a little something unique, funny, or functional to go along with it, and I always get a smile in return.  So…whether your a wine guru yourself, or need to find a gift for a wine lover, the following wine themed items just might be the winer.  Get it?  Winer……Bottoms up!  




On My Diet Wine is My Fruit T-Shirt




On My Diet Wine is My Fruit Rhinestone T Shirt



At My Age I Need Glasses T-Shirt



At My Age I Need Glasses Rhinestone T Shirt



These blinged out wine t-shirts reminds me of my family & friends who have a great sense of humor and simply love their glass of wine.



Take a Wine-Travel Foldable Bag



Take A Wine Foldable Wine Bottle



I love that you can basically take your bottle of wine, pour it in this reusable, foldable, wine bag, and take it with you anywhere.  Plus, it’s at a super price of $15.  🙂



Vino2Go Wine Tumblers



Vino2Go Wine Tumblers



I bought the Santa Vino To Go wine sippy cups for some of my family members last year.  The best part is, they prevented some spills, which made me a happy camper.  🙂  



Wine Glass Sippy Cup Tee Shirt



Wine Glass Sippy Cup Tee Shirt



Sorry…..I couldn’t resist sharing this t-shirt that needs to go along with the wine sippy cups above!  LOL  $20



6 Bottle Counter Top Wine Cooler



Wine Enthusiast 6 Bottle Wine Cooler




I really like the size of this Wine Enthusiast 6 bottle wine cooler that would complement the decor of any kitchen counter top.



Oster Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Chiller



Oster Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Opener with Chiller



This cordless wine chiller is perfect for any party gathering, or simply sitting with a friend or loved one on the back patio and enjoying a glass of wine without having to run to the fridge for a refill.  $30



His Beer Mug and Her Wine Glass



His Beer Mug and Her Wine Glass

And finally, you just might have this type of couple to buy for.  Love….this set at only $28





I hope you have enjoyed some of my wine lovers gift ideas, and just so you know that some of the links above are my affiliate links.  This means that I might get a small commision if you decide to buy, and I thank you for your continued support of SuperGirlSavings.