My Halloween’s Then And Now

I can’t quite feel the cooler air here in East Tennessee, but at least we are in the middle of September, which gives me some hope! It also means that the Halloween season is right around the corner, and I can’t help but reminisce about the old days of Halloween, and what they mean to me now. If I’m honest, I have a mixture of feelings about how this holiday has changed through the years, some good and some bad, and maybe just a part of me misses how simple things were back then.  So, in the spirit of this Spooktacular holiday, here are some of changes that I have observed & participated in over the years,  Let me know if you have any others by commenting below.   



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Candy, Candy, and More Candy!


My Halloween Candy



This is a touchy subject for me, because when I was a kid, getting candy was the MAIN thang!  I grew up in the 70’s & 80’s, and back then you simply walked up the sidewalk or driveway of your own neighborhood, sang the Trick or Treat song, grabbed only a piece or two of candy, and moved on!  We were happy with whatever candy we received, and we would have NEVER looked inside our plastic pumpkins to see if we received premium candy or not.  Yep!  I said it!  


Also, my parents didn’t spend hours dropping us off in different neighborhood’s so we could get even more candy.  🙂    


Now, I happen to live in one of those neighborhoods where the parents drop off the kids, and I look forward to seeing all the different costumes and smiling faces.  What makes me sad, is that every year I notice that less people are participating in the candy giving, and I would say it’s because it’s too expensive.  Let’s face it, with how much Halloween candy prices have gone up over the years, you almost need to start a yearly Candy Fund right along with your Christmas one!  


So, here are a few tips on how I save on my Halloween candy!



Clip those coupons – I start looking and clipping though my Sunday paper and online coupons such as, red, and smart starting in late August and match them with my stores weekly sales.  It takes some effort, but it’s well worth it.     


Download Some Apps–  I also look for savings in my favorite money saving apps such as:  




Saving Star


Checkout 51


Check these suggested apps, and any other’s that you may find on a regular basis, and once again match them up with your coupons and weekly stores sales.   Trust me, these savings add up fast on these apps, and I like to keep my cash savings in there all year, and around Christmas time I either cash it out or get gift cards for friends and family.  


I also use my favorite grocery, drug, or discount store apps as well!  I have saved a ton of money by regularly using my Kroger, CVS, Walgreens, Target, and The Dollar Store apps!  In fact, these stores pay close attention to what I am buying and I often get personalized digital savings on the things that I purchase on a regular basis.  Heck, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten FREE or heavily discounted items simply from being a loyal customer to these awesome stores!  And this includes Halloween candy by the way!  





Sign up for e-mail newsletters  – Don’t forget to sign up for your local grocery, drug or chain store’s email newsletter!  They will give you special coupons as well, as well as tips on how to save at their stores.  In fact, the Dollar Tree newsletter is full of wonderful ways to save on holiday decor & treats.  I like to get their bags of Halloween inspired toys or candy to pump up the volume of my trick or treat candy tub.  I also like to wait a day or two before Halloween, because many of these stores start to discount their candy!  



Costume Crazy!




Happy Halloween From SuperGirlSavings!



Who would have ever thought that we would spend the amount of money that we do on costumes!   I could personally spend all day looking at kids, couples, or group costumes, but I have to admit that some of the costumes can be a little pricey.  

We were much smarter when we were kids, we simply painted our faces or cut out some holes in a sheet and went about our way.  Today, people spend months either creating their own costumes, or surfing the internet at Halloween retailers such as:



Halloween Express







These Halloween super stores offer a variety of costumes that you just can’t find in your local stores, plus home indoor & outdoor decor, and party essentials.  If you start shopping early, the discounts are huge, plus many times the shipping is free.  If your a DIYer, then you must head to Pinterest, and here’s my Halloween Fun board if you would like to connect.  






Halloween Indoor & Outdoor Decor 



Cats Eyes2



A long, long, time ago, the only home decor you saw on Hallow’s Eve was one, lighted, carved out pumpkin on the doorstep!  That’s it folks!  

Today, people start decorating for Halloween weeks in advance, with purple, orange, or yellow lights, lawn ornaments, and blow up inflatables that truly are amazing.  It used to be that Christmas time was the only time you did this, but not anymore.  This part of Halloween is my favorite, and I love to see all the creative ways that people decorate their homes inside and out.  

Here is one of my favorites below.  



A photo posted by Brandi H. (@supergirlsavings) on



One of the best places to get Halloween decor is good ole Amazon!  The above inflatable cat is available for $89, and if your a prime member, you get two day shipping for free!   Also, if your a DIYer, the items on your project list will almost always be available at a super price, or you can also head to E-Bay to compare.   


I hope that you have enjoyed remembering the old days of Halloween with me, and I look forward to seeing what super, spooky, creative ideas that people come up with this year.  No matter what each holiday brings, it makes me feel like a kid again, and that’s what makes it all worth it.  I wish you all a safe & spooktacular Halloween season this year!    

Halloween Dresses, Sweaters, and Leggings

Halloween is almost here, and if your like me, it brings out the kid in me every year.  I enjoy wearing spooky-themed dresses, sweaters, tunics, leggings, or jewelry throughout the month of October which allows me to  participate in the season for more than one day.  So, I thought that I would share some super cute, trendy, and festive Halloween styles that are perfect for wearing to work, and into the night. Check out my spooky picks below (some are affiliate links)  and take advantage of the super prices.   


Halloween with Flying Bats Skater Dress



Orange Orange Halloween with Flying Bats Skater Dress at Amazon Women’s Clothing store



This little orange & bats dress is simply perfect for any Halloween activity.  I would add a little black cami-sweater for work, and add a pair of black leggings and boots if it’s chilly outside.  This Cow Cow dress is available in a variety of different Halloween patterns and sizes, including plus for around $18.


Cherokee Halloween Bats Long Sleeve Knit Tee’ Tees

Workwear Halloween Bats Long Sleeve Knit Tee White Size XS Clothing

This Halloween bats long sleeve tee is made by Cherokee work wear.  It’s subtle enough to wear with any medical scrub outfit, and after work add a fun pair of leggings, or mini-skirt like the one below.  It’s available for $19.



Black Halloween Spider Web Women’s Leggings



Black Halloween Spider Web Pattern Women s Leggings at Amazon Women’s Clothing store



What’s great about these spider web leggings is that their mostly black, and subtle enough to wear to work.  Their available in all sizes and priced around $17.  



Plus Size Skull Long Sleeve Knitted Cardigan



Womens Plus Size Skull Long Sleeve Knitted Cardigan at Amazon Women’s Clothing store Cardigan Sweaters



I have several friends that own this awesome cardigan, and it really is perfect for the Halloween season.  Best part is, that it’s extremely inexpensive and comes in several different sizes.  There going fast my super saving friends so get yours now!  $20



Halloween Floating Charm Locket Necklace



Scary Halloween Gifts Jewelry Floating Charm Locket Necklace Boo and Sacry Witch Charms A Touch of Dazzle Jewelry



I never turn down a boo-ti-ful piece of jewelry, and I think this Halloween Floating Charm necklace is a great choice for those who want to add just a little Halloween fun to their outfit.  It’s available in several different styles, and metal colors for $20.  



These are just a few Halloween fashion styles that are available on Amazon, and don’t forget to look for the savings on costumes, accessories, and candy while your there.  I hope you all have a safe & happy Halloween night, and just so ya know that some of the links above are my affiliate links, and I may get a small commission fee if you decide to buy.  Thank you for your continued support.  













Super Couple And Group Costumes

I love going to a Halloween party and seeing all the different costumes that people come up with, especially when a couple or group show up characters that belong together.  One year my hubby and I went as each other, and it was hilarious watching my man in heels, panty hose, and long finger nails.  He really was a scary mess by the end of the night.  LOL  Costumes can be really expensive, but there are some online retailers who have deep discounts on new, pre-owned, or rental group or couple costumes.  Check out some of my spooky, funny, and fabulous costume picks below, and now is the time to take advantage of the savings.  (affiliate links)



A Christmas Story







Not only do I love the Christmas Story movie, but these costumes simply make me smile!  It can be a perfect couple costume, or find a silly third friend to wear the bunny suit and go as a group.  These are available at TrendyHalloween and take advantage of their newsletter savings by signing up below:


Comic Con Costumes ready for wear or Cosplay building via






Group Costume Selector






Womens Plus Size Steampunk Fantasy Costume






Mens Steampunk Jack Costume



If your into the Steampunk craze, then head over to HalloweenCostumes, and check out their time warped, science/geared costumes in a variety of sizes.  These costumes are going fast, so get yours before they are all gone.   



Shop Now


FunWorld Perfectly Paired Wine And Cheese Set FunWorld Perfectly Paired Wine And Cheese Set 2 COSTUMES IN 1 BAG Black Yellow One Size Adult Sized Costumes Clothing



This wine & chesse couple costume is something that I could see my sister and my brother-n-law wearing to a Halloween gathering.  (Although she would probably be the bottle of wine).  LOL  This is available on Amazon for only $35.  






Group Costume Selector






Child Toddler Chewbacca Costume






Yoda Dog Costume






Princess Leia Toddler Costume



Ok…..I simply couldn’t resist sharing the Star Wars costumes above.  I love the Star Wars movie series, and I am looking forward to the new movie coming out this December.  These costumes are available at and many of the Star Wars costumes are going fast, so get your while they are still available.   


These are just a few of the couple or group costume ideas that are available to buy online, for some additional spooktacular savings, sign up for the store’s email newsletter, and remember that you can also buy pre-owned & rental costumes. Happy Halloween!