Coffee Inspired Home Decor Ideas

I know that I’m not the only one who can’t wait for that first morning cup of joe to hit my lips.  In fact, it’s probably the one thing that I hope I will never have to give up in life, and it’s also interesting to me the many different ways that people prepare that perfect cup of coffee.  For instance my hubby puts his sweetener and creamer in the bottom of his mug before he pours his coffee, not me, I like to add my sweetener to my filled cup of coffee, and then watch a puffy cloud appear when I add my creamer.  Silly I know, but I’ve actually had a blast with people at truck stops who go into great detail on how to prepare the perfect cup of joe!  LOL So, today I thought that I would share some coffee time fun with these quirky, coffee-inspired home decor ideas for all of us coffee connoisseurs out there.



Vintage Coffee Dishwasher Cover



Vintage Coffee Dishwasher Cover



It’s funny, last night as I closed the door to my dishwasher I looked at the big, black, space, and thought how cool it would be to add some color & pizazz.  So, when I saw this coffee inspired magnetic dishwasher cover from, it said “buy me” and so that’s what I did.  It’s available at for only $14.99, and they have a ton of other options including holiday themes.  



Kitchen Cabinet Coffee Drawer Pulls





Now, if you’re a little quirky, and like to go “all out” when decorating a theme based room, these coffee drawer pulls are perfect for you.  It comes in a pack of 10, and they are made of resin and iron for durability.  There easy to install,  just make sure you get enough for all your drawers.  There also available at for $11.97.




Coffee House Cup Mug Latte Java Mocha Metal Wall Art





I love decorating with wall metal art, and these bronze colored mugs are perfect for any kitchen home decor.  They are available at Amazon for $12.99, and I give them a shout out for that super saving price too!   



Coffee House Peel & Stick Wall Decals



Coffee House Wall Decals



If you’re not into metal wall art, then vinyl wall peel & stick decals might be for you.  I have several vinyl wall quotes that look like I painted them on, and people are so surprised when I tell them that their decals.  These Coffee House wall decals are only $8 bucks and available with Prime 2-day shipping.  




Tuscany Hand Painted Coffee Cookie Jar 



Tuscany Hand Painted Coffee Cookie Jar



I know that some people like to dip some cookies in their coffee, well if you do, why not have a coffee themed cookie jar to put those cookies in.  This cookie jar is hand-painted and available for only $29.99, and would make the perfect gift for any coffee lover.  Check it out on Amazon, and while your there look at this matching canister set:  Tuscany Hand Painted Fleur De Lis Coffee Design, Canister Set of 4 



I hope that you had some fun looking at these coffee inspired home decor ideas, and just so ya know that some of the links above are my affiliate links, which means that I may get a small commission if you decided to buy.  Thank you for your support, and here’s to your next cup of delicious joe!  🙂



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Unique, Colorful, Christmas Tree Sale

Nothing says Christmas decor more than a beautiful, bright, seasonally themed Christmas tree as the focal point as you walk into your home.  I always enjoy going over to my family & friends homes to see how they have decorated their trees.  It’s always a blast to hear their stories of all the ornaments that are hanging on their trees, because it brings back so many wonderful memories for them.  Lately, I have been on the lookout for a new Christmas tree, and I want it to have tons of personality.  I have to admit that the variety of colored trees that are available today, are calling my name.  It’s amazing to me,  how you can pretty much get any color, multi-colored, half-trees, and upside down ones if your really into something unique.  (LOL)  Here are some of my favorite Christmas tree picks, and believe me, you would have to be a decorating diva with a vision if you wanted one of these.  






Rainbow Christmas Tree



What can I say about this rainbow tree other than, “WOWZA”!!  This is one that most people won’t soon forget.  🙂




Peppermint Stick Pencil Christmas Tree



I do like the slenderness of this red & white peppermint tree.  Many people decorate a white tree with red garland, and with this one it’s already done for you.  





Vickerman 4 ft. Mocha Pre-lit Christmas Tree




4 ft. Mocha Pre lit Christmas Tree




If you love bronze inspired Christmas decorating, then this is the tree for you!  This is a 4ft. tree for those of you who want something a little smaller, and maybe nestled into a corner.  



Vintage Black Ombre Spruce Pre-lit Christmas Tree



7.5 ft. Vintage Black Ombre Christmas Tree



Ombree inspired trees are in, and honestly, this white to black tree is really pretty and tastefully done.  It’s available at with free shipping included.  






My Better Half Christmas Tree



Space can be an issue with many people, and what better way to enjoy the fullness of a tree in half the space.  This tree goes right up against your wall, and still gives you the effect and bling of a regular Christmas tree.  I really love the concept of this one.



Gold Glitter Upside Down Pre-lit Christmas Tree



Gold Glitter Upside Down Pre lit Christmas Tree



For the purposes of sharing unique, colorful, Christmas trees, this gold upside down one is most certainly that!   To each their own is what I say!  LOL



These are just a few trees that are available for anyone who is looking for something different and personalized.  Some of the links above are my affiliate links, and if you decide to take the plunge and buy any of the above trees, I may get a small commission if you click on the above links.  Thank you for your support.          



Festive Thanksgiving Home Decor Ideas

The holidays are on their way, and I can’t believe that Thanksgiving Day is only three weeks away.  I’ve already seen some great sales on turkeys, desserts, and festive dinner wear, but I always like to take it up a notch and fill my home with fun & festive Thanksgiving home decor accent pieces.  So, if you’re a holiday decorating geek like me, I think you will enjoy some of my  Turkey-Day picks that will bring some fun into your family gathering.  


Thanksgiving Turkey Salt & Pepper Shakers



Thanksgiving Turkey Salt Pepper Shakers




I love seasonal salt & pepper shakers, and these two turkeys are no exception.  There perfect for your dinner table, and I know that your guest will have some fun comments for you.  🙂  



 Lighted Country Harvest Pumpkin Fall Decoration




Lighted Country Harvest Pumpkin Fall Decoration




This lighted harvest fall decoration highlights the essence of fall so beautifully.  I love the hand painted accents, and did I mention it lights up?  How pretty would that be nestled into a corner?



 Thanksgiving Turkey Accent Rug Decoration



Thanksgiving Turkey Accent Rug Decoration



Now this turkey accent rug is just down right cute, and all of the above items are available at  Here’s a little coupon to help you save if you decide to get creative and order from this super home decor site.





Boston International Pumpkin Bowl and Spreader Set



Boston International Pumpkin Bowl and Spreader Set



I chose this simple spreader set because of the unique color combination, and simple design.  Really elegant.  It’s available at Amazon.     


Pumpkin Dip Bowl with Squirrel Spreader



Grasslands Road Home Again Pumpkin Dip Bowl with Squirrel Spreader Set



And finally if you really want to get nuts, check out this little guy and his acorn.  Also available at


Yankee Candle Give a Hoot Triple Owl Tea Light Holder



Yankee Candle Give a Hoot Triple Owl Tea Light Holder



Hoo doesn’t love some owls around the fall season?  This tea light holder would look so cute mixed in with your mantel fall decorations.  So cute and available on Amazon with Prime shipping.   These are just a few of the fun, festive, Thanksgiving Day Home Decor ideas I have found online, and if you want to see more click here :  Super Thanksgiving Home Decor Ideas.

Just so ya know that some of the links above are my affiliate links, and I may get a small commission if you decide to be thankful and buy!  🙂  I appreciate your support and wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving season.