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Checkout 51 Offers
Checkout 51 is a shopping app that reloads new offers every Thursday, and you can redeem at any store! You basically head into a store, open up the app, see what offers are available, buy it, scan your receipt, upload it, and wallah money is added to your account. It really is that simple, and when I am ready to cash out, I transfer the money to my PayPal account! Again this is an easy breezy way to save on the things that your going to buy anyways, or maybe you’ve been wanting to try. 🙂 and here’s a screen shot of what’s in my account currently, and when I reach $20 bucks, I can cash out! 







And starting on May, 18 2017, and for the next 7 weeks Checkout 51 is hosting a massive sweepstakes where you could win some serious cash!  All you have to do is redeem one of the items in their list and your in!

Click below, and download the app to get started!


Just so ya know that the above links are my referral links, which means that I will get a small commission if you decide to try!  Thank you for your support, and I hope that your savings will add up quickly with this super saving app!  🙂

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