I have three places that I like to compare prices with:



and E-Bay!  


I can usually find some super deals at any of these online mega stores, but I have really come to love what I can find on E-Bay over the last several years that I just can’t find any where else.  


As always, I love to share in ways to save, and I highly encourage you to see the E-bay offers on Halloween items such as:  

Halloween Party Supplies


Indoor & Outdoor Halloween Decor




If your having a Halloween themed party, you can’t go wrong with all the choices that E-Bay has to offer.  

You can save by buying in lots, or mix and match your party theme by buying several used items that are in perfect condition, and remember to look for FREE shipping.    

I also love that you can bid on an item, to get the lowest price possible, or you may be happy with the current price and simply hit, “Buy Now”!  





What kind of costume are you looking for?  How about plus-size, babies, toddlers, kids, couples, or group, because E-bay has it all! Pay attention to the, “Almost Gone” on a costume you might like, and get it before is really is almost gone.






Besides seeing all the fun Halloween costumes, the outdoor decor that people come up with, is my favorite part of this magical evening.  I also know that it can get really expensive to decorate your yard, and this is another reason to give E-bay a try.


The selections and prices on outdoor seasonal decor is endless, and you will be surprised in what you might find, to create the perfect Halloween scene for all to enjoy.



I hope that you have found some of my E-bay Halloween suggestions helpful, and I wish you a safe & spooktacular time with your family & friends.  Happy Halloween!