When Ibotta first came out, I thought that the name was kind of funny, so I still get a little smile when I share it with people because they usually give me that weird look like, “What’s Ibotta”?  I think it means, ” I bought a _______”.  At least it sounds like it.  -)  Ibotta is a money-saving app that allows you to get rebates at certain stores such as Kroger, Wal-Mart, or CVS.  Each store has their own coupon/rebate offers for a particular product or service such as the one below:





So, you basically head into a store, open up the app, see what offers are available, buy it, scan your receipt, upload it, and wallah money is added to your account.  It really is that simple, and when I am ready to cash out, I transfer the money to my PayPal account!  Again this is an easy breezy way to save on the things that your going to buy anyways, or maybe you’ve been wanting to try.  :-)   Just so you know, some of the links above are my referral links, which means that if you join my team, we can collectively safe more money and give each other support.  Let me know if you join Ibotta, and say, “Howdy”!!  



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