Quirky Daytime Halloween Styles


When I was in my teens, I didn’t want to dress like everyone else.  I created some unique outfits by mixing up some vintage, new, and hand-me-down clothes & accessories.  

Not only was it a great way to save, but I could spend hours in the thrift stores, vintage shops, and of course malls.  

Today, we have the option of finding quirky outfits online, and today I thought that I would start the 1st day of October by sharing some Halloween daytime styles that you could wear to work, and for some of you, all year round.  

Many of these outfit picks are seasonal, so if you like what you see, get them before they are gone!!!  Also, take advantage of the coupon codes and SAVE!     

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Skull Knit Pullover Sweater




I love the skulls, design, and coziness of this sweater from Amazon fashion.  $39.99


Baby Got Bat Bag


Baby Got Bat Bag


Now these are the tiny details that make wearing Halloween accessories fun!  Love that toothy smily and big eyes!  This one is going fast!  $14.99



Cat Earrings


Cat Earrings


Love, Love, Love these vintage style cat earrings!  Not only are they perfect for Halloween Day wear, but at $2.60 it’s a super savings score!   Check out the other vintage, retro, and cool styles & accessories at Rosegal.com.  


Skeleton Hand Embellished Elastic Hair Band


Skeleton Hand Embellished Elastic Hair Band


Rosegal also has tons of quirky hair clips, bands, and combs at unbelievable prices such as the Punk Skeleton Hand Hair Band above for only $1.60 and FREE SHIPPING!  Here is a coupon code below:    




Long Batwing Sleeve Cartoon Cat Shirt


Long Batwing Sleeve Cartoon Cat Shirt



How cute would those vintage cat earrings above go along with this Happy Cat shirt?  Best part is that this shirt is not only inexpensive, but Amazon 2-day Prime shipping is available!  


Lina & Lily Halloween Bat Print Infinity Loop Scarf Lightweight

Black Bats Halloween Infinity Loop Scarf

There are so many Halloween printed scarves to choose from on Amazon, but Bat Infinity Loop Scarf really caught my eye. It would go perfectly over a black sweater or knit shirt!   It’s subtle, but still makes a boo-ti-ful statement!  🙂   


Halloween Long Sleeve Printed Dress



To me this is the perfect dress to wear with some black leggings to work, and I love how it comes in at the waist, and flows away from those hips, which is perfect for all us curvy gals out there!  This dress also comes in a variety of Halloween themed prints and sizes.  $18-20 at Amazon.


Amazon’s Halloween attire is going quickly, so hurry if you find something that catches your eye as well.



Save 25% at Halloween Express!

Super Crutch Life Accessories

Unfortunately, I have had to use crutches several times throughout the years, and I don’t care how many times I’ve used them they are awkward, uncomfortable, and honestly quite painful at times.

So, recently I was told that I would have to use crutches for several weeks after an upcoming surgery, and I knew that I had to find a way to make my crutch life a little easier, so I decided to try some really cool accessories and here’s what I got.

Crutch Critter Pads  

I knew when I saw these that I had to have them, not only because there really cute, but my armpits would thank me.  I chose “Ajax” the horsey, and he’s super soft, nicely padded, easy to install.  These critters come in a variety of other animals, and even baseballs for all you sports fans out there.  Check them out at Amazon for only $25 below:



 Crutch Bag by Vive

The one thing that really stinks about being on crutches, is it’s almost impossible to carry your stuff around.  Especially, if you need to have someone take you to the store, where do you put your cell phone, wallet, house keys, and coupons?  Well, here’s the perfect solution that’s worked like a charm for me, the Vive crutch bag, for $15 @Amazon.



This little guy held my phone, wallet, coupons, keys, and glasses on a recent to trip to Kroger!  My mom dropped me off at front, and all my little necessities went right along with me to the electronic riding cart.  (I made my mom a nervous wreck driving that thing cart around the store)!  Loved every minute of it!  🙂


Crutch Hand Pads


Crutch Hand Pads @ Amazon $15


And finally, these super plush crutch hand pads have made a huge difference in my comfort when swinging myself around.  They come in black and purple, with an extra set of pads, and easy to install with its super strong velcro enclosure. These guys are available at Amazon for $15, and to me worth every penny.

I hope that I’ve shared some ways to make crutch life a little easier, because I know from personal experience that it isn’t an easy thing to go through.

Just so you know that some of the links above are my affiliate links, and I may get a small commission fee if you decide to buy, and I thank you for all of your continued support of my website.


Super Halloween Costume Savings at E-Bay

It’s amazing what you can find on E-Bay, from Halloween costumes, indoor and outdoor decor, party, and candy savings.  I always comparison shop on E-Bay, simply because they have so much variety to offer, especially on their Halloween costumes!  Below are some work wear costumes, couples, kids, and fur baby costumes ideas that you may like to buy, and remember the earlier the better, so that you get in plenty of time.




Every year at my work, we love to dress up in a fun costume, but I personally still like to be comfy.  These super hero t-shirts are a perfect way to participate, and for only around $15, you can’t beat the price.


Funny Pair Of Sneakers 2 Adult Couples Costume



I know some couples go all out on their couple costumes, but my hubby and I like to keep it simple, and I think these pair of sneakers are really cute, for only $40!  Of course they have elaborate couple costumes too, so carry on to find your spooktacular costume.




I have a special place in my heart for all of us curvy divas out there who want to wear something just as fun as our skinnier peeps out there.  So, this jersey ghost or spider dress above is not only cute, but comfy.  Around $25


Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume



Okay, I’m showing my age here, but seriously, how adorable is this little marshmallow costume for a toddler, and they have it for older kids too.  Around $20, and there are a ton of other costumes like this on Ebay!


Iced Coffee Latte Pet Costume 




I have small dogs, and yes their my furry babies!  And since I am a coffee fanatic, this costume combines two of the things I love, and it’s a perfect choice for only $15.  Now, whether my dog will keep it on is a different story, here she is below!  🙂


Puppy Dog Santa Hat



My baby Cinnamon in her Santa Hat!


These are just a few costume choices available on E-Bay, I encourage you to also take advantage of their spooky decor, party supplies, and candy choices!  Plus they are starting to add Halloween how to videos, and all you have to do is click on the links below.


Online Halloween Store – Costumes, Decor & More – eBay  



Just so ya know that some of the links in this post are my affiliate links, and I may get a small commission fee if you decide to buy, at no cost to you of course.  Thank you for your continued support of my website, and I hope you have a safe and happy Halloween season.  

How to Use Savings Apps For Christmas Cash!

I am a huge fan of money-saving apps, in fact, it’s how I made an extra $250 in Christmas cash last year!  And, if you start now, you can take advantage of all the upcoming holiday saving promotions, and get gift cards, or check in the mail, or deposited into your bank account of choice, including PayPal.  Here are my favorite apps, and how I use each one.





What’s neat about Ibotta is the variety of ways you can save, including grocery store items, online purchases, and they always fun extra activities to make even more money, especially when you build an Ibotta team of friends.  The more people on your team, the more you all can earn.  All you do is buy the items that you checked in Ibotta app, upload your receipt, scan your purchases, and once you get the green check mark, you’re in the money!

If you would like to join my team click here, IBOTTA



Checkout 51



Every Thursday Checkout 51 updates their weekly savings offers, and below is a an example of what type of items you can find.  Just highlight the ones you are interested in, and remember to make sure you are checking what store they are available at.   Most items you can purchase at multiple stores, but sometimes a chain of stores wants to pull you in with a little more savings.  Heck, I’m alright with that!





300 x 250


SavingStar really is a star saving app, with its incentive bulk buying and regular coupons it’s easy, and you can cash out after only $5.  Below is a little diagram on how to use the SavingStar app, and before I head out the door to the store, I check with all three of these apps to see where I can rack up some future savings.  Seriously, why wouldn’t you take advantage of these offers, when your already gonna buy these items anyways!


So, if you’re wanting to find a way to make some extra Christmas cash, it’s worth the effort and minimal time to use these three apps, and I personally cash in my savings in for gift cards!  I swear that gift cards are the way to go in my family of five older kids.  Let me know if you know of any other savings apps, that might be worth giving a try, and truly is as easy to save as these awesome ones above.

*Just so you know that some of the above links are my affiliate links, and if you decide to try or buy, I may get a small commission fee, at no cost to you of course.  I thank you so much for stopping by, and supporting my website!  


My Experience With AT&T’s Asurion Cell Phone Insurance

I am one of those super savers who hang on to their cars, phones, and furniture until they die!   In fact, I have a 18 year old blue sectional sofa that I probably should have replaced five years ago, but now it’s just the running joke in my family.  So, when my less than two year old iPhone kept telling me off and on, that I had “No Service”, I knew that I had to get it replaced, and thank goodness I had purchased Asurion cell phone insurance through ATT.




Of course, before I made my claim, I spent many hours on the Internet searching for ways to fix my phone, and even asked my teenage kids, because Lord knows they know everything there is to know about their cell phones!  Bottom line is, I really liked my phone, it’s my little personal assistant, and I wanted to try and save it.  (In fact, without FB and my trusty phone alerts, I probably wouldn’t know half of my friends & families birthdays).  🙂

So, finally I took my phone to my local ATT store, and explained to representative that my phone kept cutting me off.  The gentleman reset my phone and told me that my internal antenna might be malfunctioning, and if this didn’t work, that I would have to make a claim with the insurance I bought through ATT.

Unfortunately, a few days later my phone kept saying “NO SERVICE”, and I decided to make a claim for a replacement phone, and here is how it went.      


I went to the home page of Asurion , and in the top right hand corner I started my claim.  This took about 5-10 minutes, because and each step was very clear and user-friendly.  LOVE THAT!





Immediately, I was sent a e-mail with my claim information, and how to complete the next steps in the claim process.  



My next email required me to to upload or fax documentation!  I chose to upload my signed paperwork and Photo ID with photos I had taken with my hubby’s phone!  LOVE THAT!



I again got an immediate response that they had received my documents and will get back to me within 8 hours after they review them.  Did you hear that 8 hours!!!!



The NEXT morning, I get this awesome e-mail:



Then all I had to do was pay a $112 insurance deductible, which was added to my next AT&T bill.  I know that some of you are like, deductible?, but this is an insurance claim, and I don’t know any places that you don’t pay a deductible, when you file a claim.  (Lucky for me, I didn’t have to pay a very high one because I had not made any claims in over 12 months).


The very NEXT day a package came in the mail, with this new iPhone 7 in the box!  LOVE THAT!  



And some instructions on how to call Pro Tech support to help you set up your new phone, and back up the old one.  This is FREE by the way, and great for those who have no idea on how to do this.


And finally, they give you a shipping label and instructions on how to send your old phone back.



OMGosh, it can’t get any easier than this, and that is why I just had to share my awesome experience with Asurion and give them a super shout out!  This is a company that treats you right, and for only $34 a month, I have some peace of mind if my phones get lost, stolen, or damaged, and honestly I don’t know many people who can afford to buy a new phone outright.


Thanks to ATT & Asurion for making this gal a happy customer!  


Why I love My Cell Phone Charging Stations!

I’m a bona-fied Apple Fan, who is always on the look out for fun, functional accessories for my Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iWatch.   I have found some super problem solvers, trendy covers, and nifty gadget at great prices through out the years, and thought that I would share my cell phone charging stations.    

First up, is a unique charging station that gives power to both my Apple watch & phone at the same time, and what’s not to love about that?  



Orzly Charge Station for Apple Watch and iPhone





What I love the about this charging station:

It’s super compact, and has a very sturdy design, that easy to set up and use. 

It keeps my phone & watch charging wires together & organized.

I can see my phone notifications without having to pick it up.  

It’s $10,  Cha-Ching!

It comes in a variety of colors for all of you home decor divas & dudes out there!   (Silver is my thang).



I have had the above phone charging stand for about 6 months now, and I also bought several of the



Adjustable Cell Phone Stands below 






This stand works with any cell phone brand, which is great for all you Android lovers out there!  

It’s sturdy, compact, and adjustable which works great if you love making videos!  





This little guy comes in a variety of colors, like this awesome red above, and the price ranges anywhere from $10-14 dollars.  Not bad!  🙂


I am always on the go, and anything that keeps my phones juiced up, and organized is a huge plus for me.  And honestly, if your a blogger, vlogger, or social media pro, just having the ability to glance over and see your multitude of notifications and alerts, is reason alone to try this super charging station.  NO HANDS BABY!  


*Just so you know that some of the links above are my affiliate links, and I may get a small commission fee if you decide to buy.  Thank you for your continued support, and Happy Charging!*     








DIY Small Space Garden Design Ideas

When I first bought my home over 10 years ago, the last thing I thought about was putting a garden in the back yard.  In fact, the majority of my yard is a huge concrete patio, which at the time was great, because it meant less grass to cut!  🙂  But, over the years, the gardening bug had gotten a hold of me, and with the help of my hubby, I found some super DIY small space garden design ideas, that have brought a fully functional garden into my backyard.  Below is a timeline of my garden design ideas, which I hope will inspire some of you to also become a fellow green thumb and make “growing your own” a part of your lifestyle.  Gardening has helped my family and I afford fresh produce, which not only tastes the best, but is a great way to stay healthy for less.


Patio Backyard



My very first year of gardening, I bought some huge planters and grew some tomatoes, green peppers, and herbs.  Seriously, it couldn’t get any easier, but I wanted to grow more, so that I could can my garden goodies for the winter months.  So, the following year my hubby and I took advantage of some flat area space right behind my house, and we built three raised bed gardens.

Raised Garden Beds


We also added some wooden trellises to the ends of our raised garden beds, which allowed us to grow vertically and add more veggies such as beans, cucumbers, and squash.


Garden Beds

Below, are some ways that we found ways to grow veggies and herbs on our patio.  First up, is our pallet beds.

Pallet Beds

A friend of mine found this huge pallet box on the side of the road, and I converted it into another planter, it’s below my DIY herb planter.  Check out the swiss chard that grows like crazy in it.   🙂

Swiss Chard

And finally, I wanted a way to walk right outside by back door and add fresh oregano, basil, mint, cilantro, or dill to my daily meals.   So, we built a DIY Herb Planter.


Herb Planter Decor

DIY Herb Planter Shelf



I hope that you can see how much fun gardening can be, and if you would like to see what has come out of my garden click here