Calling All Black Friday Fanatics!

Black Friday


It’s November, and that means that one of my favorite days of the year is here!


This is the day that my mother & I wake up around 2:00 a.m., jump out of bed, drink a couple of cups of Joe, and out the door we GO!  

I love driving up to a store & seeing all those crazy Black Friday Fanatics who have been lined up for hours outside the store, ready to run in and find that super sale!  It’s my kind of fun, and I can’t wait for it to be finally here.

But , things have changed over the years, and buying online and skipping the long lines have become just as popular.  Seriously, look at Amazon’s deals below!


Fire Tablet, 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB $33! 






Amazon Kindle Fire 7 $33



ECOVACS Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Mop and Water Tank $179!






ECOVACS Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Mop and Water Tank – Automatic Floor Cleaning Robot $135

Kohls Department Stores Inc


PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser $30




PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser — Compact Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser With Ionizer and Color-Changing Light


So, here are some ways that I like to prepare for my Black Friday savings adventure, I have three places that I like to follow online.  





Black Friday.Com



The Black Friday


When you sign up for the above site’s email lists, you will get an alert every time a new Black Friday ad becomes available.  

It’s amazing to me that you can pretty much find anything you want at a rock bottom price on Black Friday & Cyber Monday, and have your Christmas shopping done!  


So, here’s to a successful Black Friday to all you fanatics, and just so ya know that some of the links in this post are my affiliate links, and I may get a small commission fee if you decide to buy!  Thank you for your continued support.    USA, LLC

Get Christmas Crazy For Only A $1 At The Tree!


Online Black Friday Specials Coming Soon 11/21-11/26



Every Sunday after church, I stop by my local Dollar Tree store to see what seasonal decor, gifts, and food items they have, and since everything is only a $1, I can get Christmas crazy!

Seriously, for that kind of price, you can create some some super Christmas gifts, holiday decor masterpieces, and craft projects for the kiddos to do at a fraction of the price.


**Just so ya know!  This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.**


I realize that some of you might not have a Dollar Tree store near you, but that’s ok, because you can go online and still take advantage of their awesome savings, and please check out their


Tips and Ideas page on their Blog!



It has some really cute Christmas care packages that you can make, and gift ideas for under $20, $15, $10, and $5, which is perfect for co-workers.


Online Black Friday Specials Coming Soon 11/21-11/26



I love this Fish Bowl Snowman from Smart School House!






Sign up for their Value Seekers Club, and get exclusive perks for being a loyal customer!



Also, check out their video page, where you can see how other crafty, thrifty, diy-ers use their Dollar Tree items!     



Here’s to a beautiful, memorable, but budget friendly holiday season!  Please stop back by and share your wonderful creations with your Dollar Tree finds.  



Christmas at the Tree is your one-stop shop for décor, holiday inspiration, gift ideas, recipes, and more!

Online Black Friday Specials Coming Soon 11/21-11/26

Gifts For Generation X

Yeppers! That’s me in 1985!



I recently went to a 40th birthday party and everyone in the room started sharing what kind of music, games, tv shows, and so forth that they loved, and then we starting teasing each other about what generation we were from.  We finally figured out after some debate, that we had a some Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials participating in this lively conversation.  🙂


I happen to to be in the Gen X category, but I personally prefer to say that I am from the MTV Generation and here are a few of the things that I remember and believe are the perfect gift for any Generation X-er!



I Want My MTV T-Shirt



MTV used to be just that, music videos, and No reality shows!  It was a new way to bring life to the current musicians of the day, and as we used to say, “It was totally awesome”!

One of the first videos that I remember was, “Brass In Pocket” by the Pretenders, but Michael Jackson’s, “Thiller” video and album will always hold a special place in my heart.





Classic MTV T-Shirt @Amazon – $15



Arcade Games






Retro Arcade Handheld Gaming System @ Amazon $18



If you wanted to find your boyfriend back in the 80’s, all you had to do was was find the closest arcade game.  LOL  Seriously, who remembers playing, “Donkey Kong” for the first time, or my personal favorite, “Centipede”?   The above handheld retro arcade gaming system is the ultimate gift for any gamer on your list.



Saturday Morning Cartoons



Who can forget the classic Saturday morning Hannah-Barbera cartoons such as:  Tom & Jerry, Hong Kong Phooey, Jabberjaw, and The Great Grape Ape Show?


It didn’t matter how many times these cartoons aired, my sister and I sat right in front of that tv ready to go!  Here’s some fun collectable gifts below:


Captain Caveman Mug





Captain Caveman Gift Mug @ Amazon $15


Hong Kong Phooey Plus Doll




15″ Plush Hong Kong Phooey Doll @Walmart $19


Hanna-Barbera Supergroup T-Shirt




Hanna-Barbera Supergroup T-Shirt @ Amazon $16

Here’s a t-shirt that displays many of the retro cartoon classics and it’s available in all sizes, including plus!



My Top 3 Gen X Movies


If your a Gen X-er, then you  probably have your favorite movie choices of that time, and here’s mine:



Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, and finally Fast Times At Ridgemont High.



The Breakfast Club Mug 





The Breakfast Club Mug @Amazon $20



Only a Gen X-er would understand the meaning behind the picture on this mug.  It’s for all of us basket-cases, brains, athletes, criminals, and princesses out there.  🙂



Sixteen Candles – Long Duk Dong Action Figure



Sixteen Candles Long Duk Dong @Amazon $12




Again, Long Duk Dong is a classic icon of my generation, and if your into classic pop movies, check out all of these other fabulous gifts here:  Funko Gifts



Fast Times Ridgemont High Tasty Waves Shirt




Fast Times Ridgemont High Tasty Waves Shirt @Amazon $30



And finally, X-ers socialized, worked, and ate at our local mall.  It’s a shame that things just aren’t the same anymore, because the kids today are missing out on actually having face to face fun with their friends.   Just saying.


I hope that you liked going down memory lane with me, and I know that there is so much more that I didn’t mention, so please feel free to share your favorite moments of being a Generation X-er in the comments below.

Just so ya know, that some of the links above are my affiliate links, which means that I might get a small commission fee if you decide to buy.  I thank you stopping by and supporting my website.

Top Girl Teen Gifts!



I have a 17-year-old daughter, who has made it pretty clear to me & the rest of my family what she would “love” to have for Christmas.  (Gosh, it sure is easier when they tell you what they would like).    I also have several girlfriends with daughter’s around the same age, who pretty much want the same things.  


So, below are some suggested gift ideas for the girl teens out there who think that “us” parents don’t know what’s going on!  🙂        


Cell Covers & Accessories


OMGosh!  This one cracks me up, because seriously, how many cell phone covers can a person have?  I think these girls go to school and see who has the most bedazzled cell phone case, and what accessories it comes with.  Boy, have things changed since I was in high school.  🙂  


Here are a few cases that I know my daughter likes, because she will sent me a text message with link.  Modern technology, ya got to love it!      


 Sugar Skull Iphone Case 



Sugar Skull Iphone Case



OtterBox COMMUTER SERIES iPhone Case






Parents!  When your teen drops their phone, and cracks the screen for the first time, and you have paid the hefty price to get it fixed, it’s time to get them a cover that really protects!  I have had the above Otterbox case for the past couple of years, and it works like a charm and looks just as good as the first day I bought it!  $20   



LifeProof  Waterproof Case






This Lifeproof case is a little more expensive, but it is waterproof.  Which, works for my family in case you happen to drop your phone in the commode or leave it outside all night.  Prices vary by color.      


Anker Portable Charger






This is probably my #1 gift to give to teens, because I don’t want to hear the classic, “My phone was dead”  when I need to get a hold of them.  So, this portable, Anker cell phone charger, is my solution to that, and if they lose this, there really in trouble.  LOL     


I also own this Anker charger, and I like that it fits right into my purse, and it charges my phone quickly.  $20



Refurbished Beats by Dr. Dre Over Ear Headphones




Wireless Beats Earbuds



Powerbeats 2 Wireless Earbuds




My kids really don’t want to hear about how Dr. Dre was really from my decade, they just want the Beats headphones!   Whatever!!  LOL   Also, you can save by getting refurbished headphones at Wal-Mart.  Check back often because they go quickly at this price!  Prices vary. USA, LLC




Zombie Plush Slippers






For all of you Walking Dead fans, and this includes my daughter, here are some Zombie slippers.  $10



Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II



Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker



I bought this Bose wireless, waterproof, bluetooth speaker for my hubby last year, and he loves it.  Unfortunately for my guy, so do my kids, because this speaker has a loud, booming, sound that I can hear from different rooms of the house, such as:  the bathroom, garage, and of course their rooms.  $129  



Whatever Wall Clock by Decodyne






This is the PERFECT gift for any teen who has a problem with keeping time, at least I know mine does!  It’s at available at Amazon for $15, and highly recommend you look at all of the cool New & Interesting Finds on Amazon.  They update it daily, and it’s full of fun, geeky, and hard to please gifts for anyone on your list.  

I hope you enjoyed some of my girl teen gift suggestions, because I know that they are really hard to shop for.  Of course you can always give them gift cards and let them pick out what they want for themselves, but it’s just not as fun.  LOL        

Plus Size Holiday Style Savings

For all of you curvy-licous ladies out there, check the Black Friday deals are on the way!  I have also included some super saving links below each store, so hurry and take advantage of these holiday discounts on outfits, shoes, and jewelry.  Trust me, if you want to find plus size styles that look young, trendy, and fits just right, you need to check out these awesome online retailers.  

Enjoy, and go find that glamorous holiday outfit.






I don’t know if you have heard of FTF, but it’s a great place to find plus size, not your grandma’s, clothing at a reasonable price.   Take advantage of the savings link below:


BOG0 50% off – Code: AFFBOGO50








Modcloth is just that, clothing that is modern, and they believe in offering styles for all shapes and sizes.  I love that they encourage their customers to share a picture of what they purchased, for the rest of us to see.  Real people, real fit, makes for a better fashion choice.     



Check Out ModCloth’s Holiday Gift Guide



Amazon Plus Size Holiday Fashions






Amazon has a world of fashion choices for us curvy ladies out there.  I highly suggest that you read the reviews, check out the pictures that people post, and click on the size links.  I have found some really cute holiday blouses, leggings, and shoes on Amazon that you just can’t find in the stores.



Kohls Department Stores Inc



I love going to Kohl’s, and they have some of the best that there is when it comes to dressing a curvy lady.  They also LOVE to give special discount to anyone who likes to shop online.  So, sign up for their savings deals.    

I hope that you like some of the plus size places that I like to personally shop at above.  I have always gone up and down in my weight through the years, but I still like to stand out in the holiday crowd, just like everyone else.  

So, here’s to looking fabulous this season, and just a friendly reminder, that if you click on some of the links above I may get a small commission fee if you decide to buy.  Thank you for your continued support.       





Super Turkey Day Ways To Save!



Whose ready for some turkey-lurkey on Thanksgiving day?  I know I am, and it’s time to share on different ways that I like to save.      


There are some super suggestions out there, and I really love the money saving ideas ideas that I have pinned on my Thanksgiving Trends board on Pinterest, and if you want to follow each other let me know.   


Below are some savings suggestions on how my family and I save a little moolah for the Thanksgiving festivities, from canning, dehydrating, clipping coupons, and using money saving apps.  All of this allows us to gobble up some fabulous food and not our budget.  🙂  Check it out below:  





I grow & can my own green beans, sweet potatoes,  green peppers, hot peppers, tomatoes, and herbs every year!    


Canned Green Beans



Which means I will save on the traditional Thanksgiving day dishes such as:

Green Bean Casserole, Sweet Potato Casserole, and sweet corn.  (For some reason my family loves corn) 🙂  

And…for one of my appetizers the salsa that I made with the hot & green peppers and tomatoes goes perfectly with some chips.  Yummy!  



I grow my own herbs & made my own seasoning blends by using this dehydrator.  



From rosemary, parsley, basil, to sage for the stuffing, it’s so easy to grow your own herbs, dehydrate them, and blend them into a seasoning blend.  Dried, fresh, herbs taste so much better, and with the high cost of seasonings rising, it’s just silly to not give this a try.  I have herbs growing on my kitchen window sill all year-long, and when I need some chives, I just clip, wash, and chop them into my dish.  Super easy!  🙂


My family brings a dish to pass.

My mom makes the best green bean & sweet potato casserole there ever was!  I just hand over the canned goodies that I have, and she just does her magic.  My sister is the master of mashed potatoes & sweets.  So, it just makes savings cents for different family members to bring a dish to pass, especially if you have a large crowd to feed.  


DIY homemade dishes & turkey savings 

I am in charge of cooking the turkey & making the stuffing.  I have spent many years learning how to perfect my Grams’s homemade “cornbread stuffing”, and I am so grateful that she taught me how to make pies, specialty cookies, and her beloved “perogies”  


For me, I save quite a bit of money by making my own homemade dishes, especially when I am cooking for a crowd.  Also, when I shop at places like Kroger,  I purchase their store brand turkey, and save.  The price is not only right, but the quality is fantastic.  So, when the turkey lurkeys go on sale, I stock up, freeze them, and use for future use.   Cha-ching!  



By they way….if you don’t have someone to teach you how to make & bake a perfect pie, I encourage you to take a look at this new class being offered by




Perfecting The Pie Crust




The Art of the Pie Crust – Evan Kleiman



What You Get:

  • 7 HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access
  • Downloadable class materials, including 5 recipes
  • Hours of close-up instruction
  • Answers from Evan in our virtual classroom



CLIP those Thanksgiving Day food coupons!

Right now, the grocery stores are running sales on Thanksgiving Day food essentials!  From gravy, cake mixes, rolls, and pies! There are also Turkey Day Coupons that you can print off online and match with those weekly sales or get then in your Sunday paper.   So, get organized, calculate how much you will need, and don’t wait until the last-minute!   

Print Free Coupons



And finally!  Download some money saving apps!



If your not using these money saving apps, then now is the perfect time to give them a try, and save on holiday food, cleaning supplies, or beer, wine & spirits!  

All you have to do, is select the item you would like to buy, scan the product that you bought with your phone, and get the cash amount back in your account, that you can either buy gift cards or cash in when you have saved enough.  It’s up to you!  I figure that if I’m going to buy these items anyways, why not take advantage of the savings.   






Saving Star



300 x 250



Checkout 51 



Checkout 51 Offers



These are just a few ways that I will save on my Thanksgiving Day dinner this year, and I hope that some of you will be inspired to plan ahead for next year and grow your own garden this spring.  Trust me, you will be surprised how many veggies, herbs, and beautiful flowers can come out of a little, tiny, space, and it’s so worth it.  

More than anything, I want to wish everyone a wonderful day of eating, drinking, and spending quality time with your family & friends, and I can’t resist saying it……  Gobble!  Gobble!

Just to let you know that some of the links above are my referral links, and if you decide to purchase anything I may get a small commission.  Thank you for your continued support.

E-Bay Halloween Savings!



I have three places that I like to compare prices with:,,

and E-Bay!  


I can usually find some super deals at any of these online mega stores, but I have really come to love what I can find on E-Bay over the last several years that I just can’t find any where else.  


As always, I love to share in ways to save, and I highly encourage you to see the E-bay offers on Halloween items such as:  

Halloween Party Supplies


Indoor & Outdoor Halloween Decor




If your having a Halloween themed party, you can’t go wrong with all the choices that E-Bay has to offer.  

You can save by buying in lots, or mix and match your party theme by buying several used items that are in perfect condition, and remember to look for FREE shipping.    

I also love that you can bid on an item, to get the lowest price possible, or you may be happy with the current price and simply hit, “Buy Now”!  





What kind of costume are you looking for?  How about plus-size, babies, toddlers, kids, couples, or group, because E-bay has it all! Pay attention to the, “Almost Gone” on a costume you might like, and get it before is really is almost gone.






Besides seeing all the fun Halloween costumes, the outdoor decor that people come up with, is my favorite part of this magical evening.  I also know that it can get really expensive to decorate your yard, and this is another reason to give E-bay a try.


The selections and prices on outdoor seasonal decor is endless, and you will be surprised in what you might find, to create the perfect Halloween scene for all to enjoy.



I hope that you have found some of my E-bay Halloween suggestions helpful, and I wish you a safe & spooktacular time with your family & friends.  Happy Halloween!